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Session on Lecce 06 December 2012

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Prof Joan Baucells Lladòs,  Prof of penal law, University of Barcelona. Spanish system: Prestige Case

Prof Benoit Petit, Prof of Law, University of Versailles, Paris. French system: Erika Case:

Session Otranto (Le) – Italy 26-29 October 2012

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Flaws and findings in the measurement of implementing EU directives – Ennio Cillo

The Spanish regulation of enviromental crimeLuis – Ramón Ruiz Rodríguez -University of Cadiz

Legal Framework - Prof. Carlo Rugariva Università di Milano PowerPoint Version Word Version

Prof. Fernando Boero: Scientific contribution to legal investigation. Adriatic Sea

Dr. Marc Journel: Oil and chemicals spills in international waters: EU Response Agencies. CleanSeaNet contribution to illegal discharges. State responses, EMSA presentation

Session Sofia – 18 September 2012

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Dr. Maria Yordanova, Director, Law Program, Center for the Study of Democracy Prof. Luigi Melica, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Salento

Dott. Ercole Aprile, Judge, Supreme Court of Cassation: EU Competence in Criminal Law Matters. Recent Developments

Prof. Ciro Grandi, professor of criminal law, University of Ferrara: International and European Legal Framework for Environmental Maritime Crime

Mr. Svilen Ovcharov, attorney-at-law: Environmental Crimes and Marine Pollution in Bulgaria. Legislation and Jurisprudence

Mr. Viktor Tarchev, prosecutor, Regional Prosecutor’s Office, Sofia: Increase of the Control and the Respect of the Rules Set Out in the Legislation Protecting the Environment and the Risk Management

Session Lecce 26-29 June 2012


International Environmental Protection and the Law of the Sea – Saverio Di Benedetto

EU Competence in Criminal Law Matters.The New Perspectives after the Lisbon Treaty – Ciro Grandi

Can International Law prevent French stammering legislation on environmental and maritime crimes to apply and to develop? – EriKa Case – Dr. Benoît PETIT

Environmental Crimes: Marine Pollution – Situation and Legislation Applicable in Albania – Entela Cukani

Ship source pollution: compliance with MARPOL and Directive 2005/35/EC on ship source pollution – Dr Malgorzata Nesterowicz

Criminal sanctions in pollution cases: Problems arising from transposition of EU Directive 2088/99 in Italy, Adriatic Sea Countries and Bulgaria -Ruga Riva



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